• „Stonebelly“ – Wild Theatre (NZL/A)

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    What happens when we fall through the cracks in our lives? Where do we find ourselves, and how do we find our way back?

    Premiere: Mo, 5. September 11, um 20 Uhr
    Vorstellungen: Mi, 14. & Do, 15. September 11, um 20 Uhr

    Objekttheater ohne Worte!
    Für deutsche Info bitte den Preview-Artikel vom Frühjahr lesen!

    Wild Theatre reveal the hoarded memories and deep desires that dwell in discarded and forgotten things, scavenged from the far beaches of New Zealand and the flea markets of Vienna. Three small worlds float out of the darkness, casting the audience adrift on their own memories. Reality is not all it’s cracked up to be – those who fall through the cracks are transformed through movement and skillful manipulation into the creatures and characters who dwell on the fringes of our imagination.

    Accompanied by music especially composed by Hannah Marshall, this is a performance without words, full of moments of fragile beauty. The surreal, sometimes half-formed „creatures“ presented on the stage are unsettling, at times vulnerable and wicked, sinister and gleeful. This work explores the potential of movement to create moments of intense emotion, archaic figures which have reached the end of their journey, but have found a new strength and life. Characters transform and blend, reminding us that we are not the centre of the world, and we do not understand.

    ‚I asked for riches,
    you gave me
    scavenging rights on a far beach‘ (Keri Hulme)

    Kartenpreise: 14 € normal | 12 € Ö1 & wien.at | 10 € Studis, SchülerInnen, IGFT
    Kartenreservierung per E-Mail oder telefonisch an +43-676-350 7326

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    Performer/Conception/Co-director: Rebekah Wild
    Original music: Hannah Marshall
    Choreography/dramaturgy: Fanni Futterknecht
    Lighting design: Bartek Kubiak
    Co-director/Production Manager: Gerhard Pichler

    Co-produced by Wild Theatre and dreizurdritten

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